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Established in 1990, CTOS is Malaysia’s leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) under the ambit of the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010. At CTOS, we facilitate credit extensions by empowering individuals and businesses with access to crucial information at greater ease and speed.

According to World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2014, Malaysia is deemed the easiest country to get credit in the world (out of 189 countries). We are proud to have contributed to that. By providing information to credit grantors and creating transparency, we inspire greater confidence in them to transact with parties they would otherwise know little or nothing about. Hence, our mantra, “Knowledge creates confidence”. However, we do not evaluate or make recommendations on credit applications. Lending involves many factors. Ultimately, an applicant must meet a credit providers’ risk appetites, business policies and strategies.

Credit is not a right. Needless to say, we must be prudent and responsible in our financial dealings which will have an impact in our search for credit. Given this, individuals and companies are urged to check their CTOS credit report regularly. This is to ensure accuracy and updates for quick and efficient processing of their applications.

CRAs are poised to further develop under the CRA Act 2010 to benefit the people, businesses and ultimately, the nation.

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ctos sme score

What is CTOS SME Score?

The CTOS SME Score quickly and accurately assesses risk, making it possible for credit grantors to expand their small business loan portfolio and control risk with confidence. It can help make the loan process faster, fairer, more accurate and more consistent, helping more small businesses access the capital they need easily.

Evaluate your new client/vendor before you start the trade

Not all customers/vendors are worth doing business with. Check the credit worthiness of new customers/vendors before you engage in business with them, CTOS can help you evaluate your client’s business risk involved & make informed decision.

What you Will Get?
✅ Get all customer insight in one convenient report for fast, easy analysis
✅ Make better decisions, manage risk and improve cash flow
✅ Search, store, monitor and manage all customer information via one dynamic platform