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10 May 2022 Admin

Among accounting software SQL is the most widely used software. Apart from offering some great sales, purchases, customer, supplier, stock, and general ledger features, it is suitable for both small and big organizations.

If you are wondering what brings SQL Account among the best accounting software in Malaysia, here are the top 10 features of SQL Account. Have a look and use an SQL account for better business management.

Profit Estimator

Estimation is the most critical part of sales. If you fail to estimate the correct price of your product you may land in loss or your products might be too pricey for the customers to buy. So, you need to estimate just the right price of your product to attract customers. SQL account gives you an option to automatically estimate the cost before sending the quotation to clients. All it needs is the access to actual cost and it will estimate the cost for you. You can also insert your desired profit percentage and the software will give you the price accordingly.

Comprehensive And Customizable Report Generation

Accurate and comprehensive reports are essential for a business. It tells you the progress of your business and helps you in making difficult decisions. Accounting software SQL Account has a wide range of report formats and a user-friendly interface. With its help, whether you need a profit and loss report or which product is not doing good, you can generate a report anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks.

Stock Administration

SQL Account provides you with extensive stock administration software. Here are some stock administration features of accounting software SQL:

  • You can set multiple units of measurements for your product. You can even set 2 units for a product that you bought in cartons and sold in units.

  • Gives you the liberty to manage multiple warehouses that too with features like stock transfer and van sales.

  • Generate and print barcodes.

  • Smart automate stock reorder feature gives you the advice to repurchase low stock products and allows you to do so by just drag and drop.

  • 100% Accurate costing of stock.


SQL Account is completely compliant with Malaysian taxation laws and helps you abide by them. It will help you estimate sales tax, process SST-02, and will also automatically include sales tax in your invoice.

Sales Commission Calculation

Sales commission calculation is one unique feature that other accounting and hr software Malaysia doesn’t offer you. It gives you the freedom to set commission on percentage bases or as a fixed amount. SQL account calculates commission on below schemes:

  • Partial payment partial commission
  • Profit margin-based commission
  • Different commission rates on different days
  • Different products different commission

Update Product Price With Global Price

If your product prices depend on global prices, an SQL account has a great feature for you. It will monitor the global prices of your desired products and automatically update the prices of your product according to global changes.

Whatsapp Integration

SQL account is the first accounting and hr software Malaysia that allows integration with Whatsapp. Now you can send quotations, invoices, statements of account, and many other documents to your customers and clients with just a few clicks.

Credit Limit and Control

The advanced feature of credit limit and control enables you to set a credit limit for your clients. If a client exceeds the credit limit, you will be prevented from placing an order with exceeding credit limits.

CTOS Report

Another feature that other accounting software doesn’t offer you is a CTOS report. SQL Account provides you with the latest CTOS report of clients and helps you make better decisions for your business.

Advance Security

SQL Account enables you to set up advanced layered security. If you have allowed a user to access and update cash book entry but you want to limit their access to certain transactions, you can do that by limiting access with certain keywords like a bonus.

We hope we have been successful in making your mind and now you want SQL Account software for your business. Golink can help you with that. We have multiple plans according to industry needs and if those plans don’t work for you, don’t worry. Our team will set up a plan just according to your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information. We are here to provide software solutions to your business problems.