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10 May 2022 Admin

Whether you have a multinational company or a small business, you need SQL payroll software. Calculating employee salary, bonuses, leave calculation, printing payslips, sending out emails, and a lot more is not an easy task. It is hours of work and you need multiple employees to do this task for you. Moreover, a little mistake will make you do it all over again.

So, why not use an automated system that will do multiple employees’ work for you and there are no chances of error.

Doesn’t yet sound convincing??? Here are some benefits that SQL payroll software offers you and why you must use it to save time and increase accuracy.

Quick And Accurate

The biggest advantage is that SQL payroll software offers a quick and accurate calculations. Generating the payroll of hundreds of employees on monthly basis is a hectic job. And when constraints like over-time and leave management come in, the calculations get a bit more tricky.

With sql account or SQL payroll software, all this becomes just a few mouse clicks job and you will have your payroll ready within a few minutes. Moreover, the software will take care of any leaves, sick days off, or overtime as well and will provide you the accurate result.

Easy Month End Process

The SQL payroll software enables you to set different month ends for different employees. For instance, you can set the 25th of every month as a month-end for sales employees and the 30th for other employees. The software will calculate the salaries of sales employees on 25th and other employees will get their salaries on the 30th.

Electronic Payments

The SQL payroll software is linked with over 25 banks in Malaysia. This allows it to automatically transfer salaries without your engagement. If you allow the software, it will calculate the salary on your set month-end and will also transfer it to the employee without you having to sign the cheques or manually transfer the salary.

Knows The Law

SQL Payroll software is designed and developed to provide you with ease and comfort. It takes away your headache of understanding complex legislation and applying them to your payroll system. The software is compliant with all Malaysian statuary bodies and you will not have to do anything. The SQL account will calculate EPF, SOSCO, EIS, HRDF, and PCB contributions that too while taking care of the latest contribution rates.

Isn’t it amazing??

Easy Amendments

SQL Payroll software gives you the liberty to update, remove, or add employee data from anywhere. The software is also available with a cloud database which enables you to update or make changes to your current database from anywhere in the world.

Provide Management Reports

At year-end, you might need a complete and accurate report of your employees’ productivity. The payroll account gives an accurate insight into how many hours your employee has worked, how many days they have taken off, how many hours they have worked in overtime, and a lot more.

Moreover, the sql payroll software also contains all statuary report forms like EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, PCB Income Tax CP39, and EIS Lampiran 1. And it also offers you an e-submission facility.

It’s Cost-Effective

SQL Payroll software is your cost-effective solution to all your payroll, HR, and employee management problems. You will not have to buy highly qualified and experienced individuals to manage your accounts. The software makes it easier for you to generate payroll, payslips, reports, and much more with just a few clicks.

You might think that will so many features, the software would be quite complicated to use. But that is not true. SQL Payroll software has a user-friendly interface and with little training, anyone can become an expert in using the software.

A Little About Golink

Golink is one of the best consultant companies in Malaysia that provide you assistance with SQL  business software. All you need to do is share your requirements with us and our team will develop the best software solution that will empower you to manage your payroll systems. Our 6 step software deployment strategy will first analyze your requirements, design a system according to your needs, and will also provide you necessary training to use the software. Other than that, our customer support is always available to help you in resolving any issues.

Feel free to contact us for more information!! Golink is here to help you.