Variety services are provided to meet the needs of our clients

Our promise is to provide details insight into our clients’ businesses, identify if there are any areas for improvement by using our outsourced administrative services and virtual assistant service.

GST Certified Accounting Software

SQL Accounting Software

SQL Account is a GST certified accounting software made for your business. You can now integrate SQL Account with POS system, manufacturing software, e-commerce and many other 3rd-party systems. Organizes your finances intelligently in one place.

Simplified Your Payroll Proccess

SQL Payroll Software

SQL Payroll software is built from ground up around Payroll Process. You can easily process and print from one to hundreds of employee’s pay slip with just a few mouse click. What’s more is that you can virtually keep unlimited payroll history and have your data safe and sound with strong security and data protection.

Handles all of your administrative needs

Achieve your business goals

  • Clerical support, document management and schedule arrangement
  • Customize virtual private assistant work scope
  • Outsourced customer service and lead generation
  • Technical support and accounting panels

Stay tuned with updates!